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Sky TV Coverage

See the footbrints below for the Sky TV coverage whilst on your vessel.

Cobham SeaTel xx04 Series TVRO Antenna Coverage +

Cobham SeaTel Coastal Series TVRO Antenna Coverage +

Satellite manufacturer: Boeing Satellite Systems (formerly Hughes) +

Orbital location: 28.2° east
Stabilization system: 3-axis type
Total power consumption: 7000 W

Satellite transponder information

Transponder capacity: 28
TWTA output power: 98 W
EIRP: 51 dBW
All transponders are eclipse protected: yes
Transponder bandwidth: 33MHz in BSS

The size of the satellite dish required to receive transmissions from ASTRA satellites depends on the beam as well as on the location of the dish. ASTRA 2A uses two beams - a north beam and a south beam.

North Beam

South Beam