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Sky for Yachts

There are two main packages avaliable for your yacht, these are Sky Base and Sky Ultimate. The pictures below detail both packages and how they vary from one-another. Each package has the same three step appraoch to getting you set up with Sky. First you pick your package, then you have the choice to add additional products like Sky Movies for just £10 extra a month (ex VAT) and finally you choose the equipment you'll need to set up on ship.

BT Sports Packages

We also offer you the choice of two BT Sports Packages which you can add on to your subscription at any time, they are as follows:

BT Sport Total

BT Sport Total boasts four dedicated live sports channels in its line-up - BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport//ESPN and a brand new channel BT Sport Europe dedicated to all the best European sporting action. In addition to UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, the BT Sport Total package will bring you 38 exclusively live Barclays Premier League matches, live FA Cup action, all 69 exclusively live Aviva Premiership Rugby matches, the European Rugby Champions Cup and a whole lot more.

BT Sport 1

The BT Sport 1 package comprises only the BT Sport 1 channel and will show a selection of BT Sport's action - live clashes from the Barclays Premier League and Aviva Premiership.

Please visit our pricing page to view all of the pricing options for the above packages.