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Software Download +

If there is a problem activating your Sky card the digibox may require a software download.
The following steps should be taken to update the software on your sky digibox:

First off, you need to switch the set top box on to standby.
If your box is a Sky+HD or Sky+ box, leave it on standby for 30 seconds to allow the hard disk to stop spinning.

Switch off the power supply at the mains socket and ensure that there are no lights illuminated on the front panel of the set top box.

To start the download process:

  1. Press and hold in the backup button on the front panel of the set top box.
  2. Whilst holding in the backup button, switch the power supply back on at the mains socket, if the set top box was unplugged then plug it back in now.
  3. Keep holding the backup button and the red light will appear first, followed by additional lights on the front panel of the set top box.

If viewing via SCART lead and the TV is switched on, an On Screen Message "UPDATING SYSTEM SOFTWARE, Do not disconnect from the mains supply or satellite dish. This may take up to 10 minutes" may appear.

Please Note: A Sky+HD box connected by HDMI may not display the on screen message.

Only when all lights and / or the on screen message appears, the backup button can be released. If after 30 seconds the lights have not appeared, start the process again.

Please note the following:
  • This process may take up to 10 minutes and once this procedure is complete the set top box will return to standby mode with just the red light displayed.

  • The set top box must be left on standby for at least 90 seconds without touching any buttons as this time is required to allow the set top box to initialise.

  • After 90 seconds, press the tv button followed by the sky button to take the set top box out of standby.

  • Sourcing the Version and Serial number +

    For HD box

    1. Press 'Services' button on your remote control

    2. Scroll along to 'Settings' and press select (This is the icon with the spanner symbol)

    3. Scroll along to 'Details'

    You will find all of the information on this page

    For a Non-HD box

    1. Press 'Services' button on your remote control

    2. Go to option 4 and press select

    3. Go to option 5 and press select

    You will find all of the information on this page

    TVRO Frequencies +

    These are some frequencies for SKY on a 1m or 1.2m TVRO for SKY - DAC: SAT 028 E (28.2)

    Freq 1023 1139 1158 1376 1529 1607 1666 1704
    Baud 27500 27500 29500 22000 27500 27500 29500 27500
    Tone Off On Off Off On On On On
    Voltage H V H V V V H V
    FEC 5/6 2/3 3/4 2/3 2/3 3/4 2/3
    NID 0000

    Initial settings for accessing SKY:
    Confirm the DAC is using the Vertical Low feed for tracking. ReVtarget the satellite and point to 28.2E. Confirm lock.

    If the Sky Boxes are still not receiving any signal, then access the Sky digibox installer menu by going to Services and Pressing 4,0,1,Select.

    From here you can see the default transponder.

    It should be set to 11.778 which is the factory default set by Sky and only available on the Northern Astra beam, without this the Sky Box would be unable to get the EPG details that it requires to function.

    We have located another transponder which has been proven to work on the Southern Beam. This was 12.441V, 27500 Baud and 2/3 FEC. After setting this, settings were saved and the box reVbooted. However after making the change, signal was no different.

    Please also confirm the TX polarity - toggle from 0002 to 0004.